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Beautiful & original small scale product photography backdrops for table top lifestyle scenes. High definition, digitally printed PVC backdrops perfect for blog, social content & online shop. Our exclusive backdrops are made in the UK & have become an essential part of product photo shoots.

Photo Styling Made Easy

With both the professional & hobbyist in mind, PhotoBackdrops allow people of all skill sets to create their own lifestyle photography at home, or on the go! Our backdrops are available in both Flexible PVC & Rigid PVC Board. All backdrops have a smooth matte finish to reduce glare & can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Not only are they portable, lightweight & easy to store, but they're waterproof too! Instantly transform small scenes & create your perfect shot with PhotoBackdrops.



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real textures, real surfaces, in a lightweight, portable version that you can wipe clean & store away without taking up too much space. indistinguishable from the real thing, photobackdrops make photo styling a breeze!

PhotoBackdrops are designed for photographers, bloggers, videographers, food stylists, crafters, digital content, social content, creatives, instagram, YouTube channels, blog, online shop & more.