Here you can find all the tricks of the trade on how to create beautiful lifestyle product photography in the comfort of your own home!


Tip 1

For best results, we recommend photographing near a window or an open door where there is plenty of natural light.  When you're propping your backdrop in a staged setting, if you're using a flexible backdrop, you'll need to peg it to something sturdy but flat. Foamboard would work best here. Make sure you leave approximately 8-10 inches between your product & the background to create a natural looking depth to the image.  Always make sure not to get the edges of the backdrop in your photos because that will just ruin the illusion! :)

Allow the customer to touch, feel & smell your product through your photography
— Lucy - Founder of PhotoBackdrops

Tip 2

To get the best looking photos, make sure you use a decent camera.  This is definitely going to determine the outcome of your photography.  If you're using a smartphone or low res digital camera, your images will turn out pretty, but not the best possible quality for print, should you wish to enlarge them. However, for social media, these will be pretty damn perfect!

Tip 3

Try not to overwhelm your product by adding too many props into the setting.
Its all about the product you are selling, so bring that product to the forefront focalpoint & any props added should be minimal.  Be careful not to crowd your product by adding a select couple of props around the edges. Don't confuse the customer on what they are buying. Less is more!

Tip 4

Say no to nasty lighting! When you're shooting, you want to rely on a single light source.  Let the daylight drape over your setting. Turn off any kitchen/living room lights as they're only going to give you a nasty yellow/green/blue tint. That photo is gonna light up like the rainbow! So try to avoid mixing light sources at all costs!

Tip 5

Never use the built in flash on your camera/smartphone. There'll be nasty shadows, reflections & bleached out bits everywhere. Not a good look! Always turn the flash off & make sure there is plenty of natural light.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips, coming soon...
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