why sell on crowdsurface?

CROWDSURFACE gives independent photographers/artists across the globe the opportunity to sell their backdrop designs. Whether they’re hand painted masterpieces or photographs of gorgeous textures you captured on your last vacay, if you think they’d be perfect for use in food & product photography, then we need to talk! Our aim is to help you showcase your work & earn some cash doing something you enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a chance to be your own boss, with the flexibility to earn as you create or you’d just like to earn a little extra cash on the side of your day job, we can help you achieve those goals.

Exclusive designs - We house some of the best photo backdrops in the world. Submitted by creatives across the globe to bring you the very best & more importantly, unique collection. You wont find these designs anywhere else, we believe in originality.

Focus on what matters - We produce, pack & ship your backdrop designs for you so you can concentrate on what is important, being creative! We take care of every aspect of the sales & production process, so you don’t have to.

Join a community - You’ll become part of the CROWDSURFACE community where you can inspire & be inspired by other CROWDSURFACE members. Lets celebrate originality.

what is crowdsurface?

CROWDSURFACE was founded in 2019 by PHOTOBACKDROPS.CO. After launching PHOTOBACKDROPS in 2017, the founder, Lucy, found that small scale photo backdrops were becoming the secret weapon for food & product photographers worldwide. These secret surfaces were allowing hobbyist & professional photographers to create faux mini lifestyle scenes in a flash, with the use of lightweight, interchangeable photo backdrops.

‘I created a product that would solve an issue I had for many years as a product photographer. Rather than lugging around huge pieces of marble or old tables, I found a solution that would help photographers. Portable replicas of your favourite surfaces that were lightweight & rolled into a tube for storage. A real game changer in the food/product photography world, what’s more, I sourced a material that is waterproof, so theres no need to throw them out if you have a spillage! Being a small business owner & seeing how many amazingly talented people there are out there, I wanted to invite other creatives to sell their own backdrop designs through my website.’

PHOTOBACKDROPS.CO has grown immensely since launching in 2017 & we are only getting stronger as a brand. I decided to name my new venture CROWDSURFACE, which is pretty self explanatory, but also quite fitting!’ - Lucy / Founder

how does it work?

Functioning similarly to a stock photography website, your designs will be available for sale through our website. You’ll receive a percentage of your sales each time you sell a design. However, unlike stock photography websites where the customer downloads a digital file, the customer will receive the physical product - shipped by us.

When a customer purchases your backdrop design, we’ll produce it, package it & ship it for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best, being creative!

CROWDSURFACE is home to an incredibly talented community of artists & photographers from across the globe. It is our mission to empower them to achieve a creative living. We support small independents & endeavour to form a community where creatives can come together. So if you’re a creative, handy with a camera or you’re awesome at painting textures, we want to hear from you!

Can anyone sell on CROWDSURFACE?

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply to sell with us. It also helps if you’re a professional photographer, although if you’re not & you have a super creative eye, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t have a degree in photography? Don’t let that hold you back! Apply to sell with us today & make your designs available for sale on our internationally recognised website PHOTOBACKDROPS.CO.

What material will my backdrop designs be printed on?

All backdrops are printed onto our best selling flexible PVC, waterproof/wipe clean photo backdrops which our customers LOVE! They’re super lightweight, durable, easy to store & portable. Their versatility makes them a real hit with bloggers on the go, travel photographers & more.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing! It’s totally FREE to join & sell with us.

Is there a monthly fee?

Absolutely not! We don’t charge you to sell with us, nor do we charge for advertising your designs through our social media platforms.


You can submit as many backdrop designs as you wish. Once submitted, our creative team will select our favourites to put in store for you to start earning!

What percentage commission will I earn?

Every purchase pays a creator. You’ll earn 10% commission on each of your sales. We’ll take payment from the customer when the order is placed & your commission will be stored with us until it is paid directly to you.

Why only 10% commission, isn’t it usually more?

Unlike stock photography websites where customers purchase digital file downloads, we incur production costs because we print all backdrops to order. We produce, package & ship your backdrops directly to the customer for you.

How will my commission by paid?

Your earnings will be paid via PayPal (on the last day of each month) and credited 30 days after the shipment of each order. You’ll need to provide us with your PayPal details when signing up. Please note that CROWDSURFACE is not responsible for any PayPal fees that may apply when sending/receiving money through their platform.


You must provide us with accurate, complete & updated information when selling with CROWDSURFACE. If any of your details change, please let us know by email at

How do you require my images to be sent?

Any submissions should be sent via WeTransfer. Once your application has been reviewed, we will allocate you with a unique code & full information on how to supply your imagery.

What format & size should they be?

We would need your photos at the highest possible resolution, usually 300dpi & the largest size out of camera. Any artwork supplied that is lower resolution may not be accepted. Ideally we would require them in both CMYK & RGB formats, but if you prefer to send just the RGB, we can convert to CMYK for you.

Do I need to edit my photos before supplying them?

It isn’t essential for you to edit your photos as we can take care of that. We want your backdrops to look their very best so will add a touch of creative flair as/when required. However, if you prefer to edit your own designs, that is totally fine!


As a CROWDSURFACE contributor, you’ll receive a reward each time you reach a milestone. For example, after your first 10 sales, you’ll receive 10% off your next order at PHOTOBACKDROPS.CO. After 50 sales, you could receive free shipping or another discount code. We like to mix it up, so that our contributors stay happy & motivated! We’ll also promote your designs on our social media platforms to increase your sales. Yep, that’s free too!

Tips on shooting

We don’t have many rules, but here are a few pointers on how to get the best results.

• We prefer backdrops to be shot in portrait for the functionality of the website, but these can easily be rotated in editing.

• Try to eliminate shadows & shoot straight on as angles can distort the perspective.

• Avoiding direct/harsh sunlight is helpful but not always essential.

• Try to include as much of the surface you are photographing, as we can always crop into it for print purposes. Less isn’t always more here!

• Sorry guys, but smartphone snaps wont be accepted. You’ll need a DSLR to produce high quality images for print.

• For those supplying painted artwork, you’ll need to take a photo of your masterpiece, straight on, using a DSLR.

• All images must be supplied in high resolution.

• Finally, have fun!

Who owns the Copyright?

As the producer of the work, you would maintain the copyright, however, by selling with us, you are granting us full permission to use your artwork for sale &/or advertising purposes. Copyright is super important because it protects individual & original work. By selling with us, you agree that any artwork you submit is your own.

Intellectual Property

At CROWDSURFACE, we celebrate originality. Anything that infringes on another’s copyright or intellectual property rights is not cool & it strictly prohibited. Our mission is to help creatives earn money from their own individual work. Any seller found in violation of this will be removed from our selling platform.

NB. You can get into some really big trouble for ‘borrowing’ someones work, so please do not do this. Behind every photo or piece of artwork is a creator. We appreciate the work that goes into each piece of artwork & believe in rewarding that creator for their own individual work. Don’t steal, be YOUnique. We’re your biggest fans, you should be too!


To offer a truly unique service, we stipulate that all artwork submitted to CROWDSURFACE is not available for sale on any other website/selling platform. Any designs that are found to violate these terms will be removed & we also may terminate your membership. When signing up to sell with CROWDSURFACE, you agree & accept these terms.


You’re not permitted to submit artwork you’ve found, downloaded, or screen shotted from a stock photography website or a nice texture you found on Google. All work submitted should be your own. We love to be unique & we’d love to share fresh, original work.


CROWDSURFACE will not be held responsible for any content that is published. If you notice something that’s not quite right, report it to us here. If we find that a contributor is doing something naughty, we’ll remove their artwork from the website with immediate effect. By selling with CROWDSURFACE, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions & you accept full liability for the artwork you submit. CROWDSURFACE & PHOTOBACKDROPS will accept no responsibility for those minority who ruin things for everyone else.


Ready to sign up? We can’t wait to hear from you! You can use the form below to send your application. It should only take a few minutes to complete & we’ll be in touch to confirm your details.