Our Rebrand to PhotoBackdrops. Find out why.

Hi all,

Firstly, this post is completely without prejudice.

The sole purpose of this blog post is to explain why I have made some pretty big changes to the business & why. 

The main topic I’d like to discuss today is our recent rebranding. I know you’re all dying to know what’s happened. So, pop the kettle on, break open the biscuits because this could be a long one!

So you guys may remember I wrote a blog post back in November 2017 following some confusion between our store & another. Well, following this, I registered BackdropsByLucy® as a Trademark to help customers differentiate between the two businesses. Not only that, we developed & launched new products (our board backdrops) to help maximise the divide.

For those of you who have been through the Trademark process; you’ll know that registering one is not only expensive, but it’s also a rather lengthy process.

However, we went through the appropriate channels; Trademark registered, Customers satisfied. Happy Lucy.


The business in question recently filed a Trademark application of their own for the similar business name. Which is fine.

However, not only have I wasted time & money attempting to maximise the divide between us, but there will be further expense incurred. Hiring trademark attorneys, attending mediation meetings & going through a legal battle; isn’t something I have the time nor the desire to do.

Long story short (Ish)... I got so fed up with being painted as a copycat business just because of a few similarities between the two. I won’t go into the details of this again.

For example, can we imagine Poundworld, Poundland & Poundstretcher for a moment. They all co-exist alongside one another, different companies, similar names & products. Although I don’t see customers berating any of these as impostors that they will not shop with. Claiming they’re ‘rip offs’ I mean, c’mon. Seriously? But yes... this is exactly what I have had to deal with.

For the last 6 months I have suffered several financial losses partly due to bogus orders being placed. I eventually had to withdraw the offer of cash refunds altogether to protect the business.

Some customers placed orders & later cancelled them, some with no justification as to why, others openly explained the fact they ‘thought they had purchased from a friend’.  I understand supporting friends, that is a given; but orders being cancelled after the backdrops had been produced, again at my expense became not only annoying; but damaging to the fairly new business.

May I add that these customers gave us wonderful feedback on our products initially, until they realised their mistake in buying from the wrong store. Not only this, but some people with a loyalty to the said business actually took to social media to publicly try & shame me. Not only that, but said business publicly ‘liked’ these comments as if it were commended behaviour.

It’s disgusting.

We are not in the school playground & to be honest, it hasn’t only caused me great emotional upset, stress & anxiety but It’s a form of bullying & borderline slander. 

What happened to National Women’s Day & supporting each other? We’re all hash tagging the shit out of that, but 100% of the issues I've encountered, came from women. 

For the last 10 years, I have worked with/alongside some of the largest brands in the world, not once have I come across such immature behaviour from grown adults.

Moving on. Upon learning of this application to register the trademark, I sought further advice & came to the following conclusion. As the earlier rights holder I could oppose, yes. I also had other options:

1. Allow them to carry on with registration & co-exist. - I’ve already wasted time & money trademarking my business name to reduce the possibility of consumer confusion. However, upon learning of this application to register, this will only confuse customers again. This is not an appealing option for me.

2. Oppose the application & enlist a legal team to follow through with court proceedings - Again more expense. Can’t really be bothered.

3. Step aside, take a deep breath & say Fuck It! Changes had to be made. 

To be honest, the name wasn’t that important to me. It was also a bit of a gob full to say! The main issue was the time & money I have invested building up the brand, customer base etc only to have to change EVERYTHING appertaining to the business. Our brand doesn’t prioritise importance on a business name, it’s about customer service & our products; which we’re pretty damn good at.

I’m a reasonable person & I’m happy to make these positive changes. I haven’t been forced in any way shape or form; I simply made the decision to rebrand & step away from drama.

Now the line in the sand has been drawn.

We are moving onto bigger & better things with PhotoBackdrops. I like the name, it’s direct, to the point & clearly describes our product. We've also updated our website to reflect this new chapter where we’ve gone for a simplistic, monochrome theme & left the black & gold of BackdropsByLucy in the past. It’s all about the imagery; which speaks for itself.

Thank you for all the lovely supportive messages. It means so much to me to know that we have a loyal customer base who love us for what we do. We wouldn’t be where we are without you guys & we can’t wait to share our new collection of backdrops that will be launching during summer. They’re sooooo pretty!!

Be sure to update our contact details & join us on social media if you aren’t already. Our brand new details are below. 

Thanks for reading!

Lucy 🖤 

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